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There are not as many differences between these two types of treatments as you may think. There are however, quite a few large differences that may change your mind regarding whichever form of treatment you normally use.Conventional methods of treatments are treatments that everyone has used at one point in their life. These conventional methods include treatments such as, prescription medication, scientific methods, x-rays and the list goes on. Everyone is familiar with these types of treatments and at one point or another has undergone one or more of them. Conventional treatment seems to have taken over the medical establishment. Some patients feel more at ease knowing they are taking pills and doing what their doctor tells them, some people do not need this. These are the people who prefer to use alternative methods of treatments.Have you ever tried any alternative methods of treatments? Alternative treatments require a judgment call. It takes a big step for some people to move away from the conventional medical treatments and try something new. Sometimes a change in treatment is all you need to feel that much better. Alternative treatments include:Bioenergotherapy- Acupuncture- Aromatherapy -Massage- Meditation -Homeopathy -HerbsThese forms of treatment have become more and more popular in the last few years. The use of alternative medicine and treatments are beginning to be used more and more when the conventional methods are found to be ineffective. There are many diseases, chronic pains and illnesses that are found to be incurable and even sometimes untreatable. This is when patients find themselves searching for alternative treatments to ease their pain. No matter what your paid is, anyone of the alternative treatments listed above can help. These methods are meant to not only ease your physical pain, but to also relieve your mental and spiritual stresses and tensions. It may be hard to belief but stress and tension can create and increase the pains of your disease. These alternative methods relief this stress, therefore relieving your pain. It is hard for some people to make this jump to alternative treatments, but in the past few years, alternative treatments has become not so far of a jump.As you can see there is really only one single difference between these two forms of treatments. Conventional methods of treatments only focus on the physical ailments and nothing else. Where the alternative methods of treatments focus on the entire body and soul. Alternative methods do require a bit more work than the conventional methods. They require a lot of self discipline. If you are not willing to put the effort in, than it is doubtful that you will see any results from these methods. Conventional methods take absolutely no work from you as the patient except going to your doctor and taking the medicine they prescribe for you. It is based on trust not belief.For serious, even life threatening diseases or illnesses you may want to consider using both of these methods simultaneously. When deciding whether this is right for you, it is very important to check with your doctor before undergoing any alternative treatments. You want to avoid any negative interference. If used properly, you can live an enjoyable lifewithout stress and pain as well as controlling your illness with your conventional methods.There are some great differences between these two forms of treatment, but if used correctly, they can compliment each other in a very positive way. Depending on why you want to use the alternative methods and what your pains or ailments are you can choose the right alternative method to compliment your illness in the best way possible. Sometimes different can be good!

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Taking care of a car is just as difficult as maintaining a house, because there are always things to look out for. You need to prevent problems from happening, but also deal with them when they occur. One of the essential components of a car is the alternator, because it transforms the engine’s mechanical energy into electricity. In this article we will show you how to distinguish alternator problems, so you know when and how to act immediately to prevent the car from breaking down, or having other functions inside it stop.The alternator is quite a simple component in a vehicle, being constructed out of a few simple parts, but its role is important. There are wires within the alternator which run through a magnetic field, creating electrical current. This current is essential for the good functioning of the car’s accessories, such as headlights or dashboard lights. Moreover, the alternator ensures the car’s battery is always supplied with energy, so the driver can start the car without trouble. There are a few main signs of alternator problems, and we are going to see what they are.If you are lucky, your car will be fitted with a special light indicating alternator problems. The light on the dashboard can be shaped like a battery, or show the letters “GEN” or “ALT”; this light is connected to the car’s computer systems, which, among others, will measure whether the alternator’s voltage output is in normal standards. If the output is lower or higher than it’s supposed to be, the light will come on. However, this light may only flicker or come up only when certain accessories are activated, so make sure to pay attention, because troubles with the alternator may be imminent.Another sign of alternator problems may be when the car’s headlights aren’t as strong as they should be. This is an obvious result of an alternator problem, because it is responsible with supplying the car’s electrical requirements. Brighter headlights than usual could indicate the same problem, and so could the stopping of the tachometers or speedometers. As a driver, you mustn’t only rely on the car to tell you or signal when something is wrong; you must use your senses and experience and try to “listen” to what the car is “saying”. For example, use your eyes to detect whether something is amiss under the hood; you may find that the alternator belt is loose or broken.You may also hear if the car has trouble, as many drivers hear growling sounds right before tracing alternator problems; your nose should also be helpful in this matter, as you may smell burning or smoke, which can appear with something malfunctions. One of the more confusing signs of alternator problems is a dead battery, but then you need to delve in some investigations, as it just might be a bad battery that needs replacing.It may also occur that the alternator works just fine, but the car’s battery is dead and no other electrical accessories seem to function. This probably means that some essential connections are loose or broken altogether. These are the basic signs of alternator problems which you can watch out for in order to maintain your car at optimum functioning.

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Alternative cancer treatment is a group of therapeutic remedies used in place of conventional medicine for the purpose of treatment of cancer. Alternative cancer treatments can be very effective. Alternative cancer treatment is a group of therapeutic cancer treatments seek to strengthen the body’s immune system, to enhance the quality of life during recovery, and to nourish and fortify the body through nutritional, homeopathic, or herbal therapies. There are many alternative cancer treatments that can have positive impact on your health.If you begin to research cancer treatments you will find that there is such a great amount of alternative cancer treatments available that are as effective if not more effective than traditional treatment options without the overwhelming cost, and side effects. If you begin to research cancer treatments you will find that there is such a great amount of alternative cancer treatments available that are as effective if not more effective than traditional treatment options without the overwhelming cost, and side effects.CancerCancer is not a death sentence, it is an opportunity to heal within. Cancer patients using or considering complementary or alternative therapy should discuss this decision with their doctor or nurse, as they would any therapeutic approach. Cancer is the modern plague and people are increasingly looking for natural, safe solutions. Cancer is a complex disease, and it is reasonable to do everything in one’s power to fight it. Cancer cells do not age, do not become weaker as they grow older, and therefore hold a huge advantage over our healthy cells.TreatmentsIf you begin to research cancer treatments you will find that there is such a great amount of alternative cancer treatments available that are as effective if not more effective than traditional treatment options without the overwhelming cost, and side effects.The Cancer Coalition (American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, FDA, Prominent Hospitals, and of course The Pharmaceutical ‘Godfathers’ want us to depend on them to come up with treatments, so we fund them with millions and millions of dollars, yet still no cure, not even a good treatment.They want us to trust them, so they bolster the true success rates of conventional cancer treatments. They want us to feel protected, so they legislate what treatments doctors can use, and label doctors that stray from those treatments and poor results as “quacks” or worse yet take away their license to practice. The fact that when you think of cancer, chemo, radiation and surgery pop into mind is a testament that they have run an incredible PR campaigned to make you think these treatments actually work. want us to depend on them to come up with treatments, so we fund them with millions and millions of dollars, yet still no cure, not even a good treatment. They want us to trust them, so they bolster the true success rates of conventional cancer treatments. They want us to feel protected, so they legislate what treatments doctors can use, and label doctors that stray from those treatments and poor results as “quacks” or worse yet take away their license to practice.The fact that when you think of cancer, chemo, radiation and surgery pop into mind is a testament that they have run an incredible PR campaigned to make you think these treatments actually work.DietVegetarian raw foods are a great method of Treating Cancer with a healthy diet. Alternate treatments for fighting cancer can range from faith healing to visualization, but one of your best bets is a whole food diet that includes raw vegetables and organic nutrients — things that promote body detoxification.A raw foods diet is a great alternative treatment: raw food is easy to prepare and if you use vegetables and other whole foods as your ingredients, your vegetarian meals can be so delicious.If you are anticancer and pro-life, choose the earth’s natural energy boosters and start enjoying the organic nutrients and health benefits of opting for a vegetarian raw food diet as one of your primary Treating Cancer with a healthy diets.All natural alternative cancer treatment has been working for a long time. Learning how to re-alkalise your body’s tissue and cell pH to healthy levels is extremely important and should not be overlooked in your alternative cancer treatment recovery plan.When you are considering alternative cancer treatments, ask for documented facts and stats from the representative to find out the success rate of the group. Also check to see if your health insurance will cover any alternative cancer treatment programs and be leery of programs demanding a large sum of money up front, or that state they can cure your cancer.The information presented here is no way meant to discourage you from undertaking conventional treatments for your cancer, but hopefully will support you and your medical doctor to undertake ‘smarter’, more effective alternative cancer treatment approaches to beat cancer.

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As with all things, there are both advantages and disadvantages that come with using an alternative energy source in spite of all the benefits it would give to our natural environment. Of course, the scales swing heavily in favor of the benefits as opposed to the problems involved with utilizing an alternative source of energy in every single case. A little bit of digging and research will enlighten you to both sides of the debate surrounding alternative energy sources.Deciding to be proactive in locating and utilizing an alternative natural fuel supply brings immeasurable benefits to the environment by helping to safeguard the rapidly depleting reserves of fossil fuels. So getting up to date information of what is available as an alternative energy source and the way they will aid in protecting the environment gives a greater advantage in tackling these challenges in the days to come.One of the best alternative energy sources can be found in wind farms, harnessing the power of the wind and converting that wind into a viable energy supply. But like everything else, it does have some strikes against it. One of the downsides to wind farms is the noise pollution that comes with it, yet it is becoming one of the most popular sources of alternative power. It is efficient and in abundant supply.The use of solar power as an alternative energy source brings plenty of advantages, as harnessing sunlight allows the creation of electricity, which can be utilized in many places including every day homes, farming industries, and many others. There are not many downsides to solar power, which is another benefit of using it as an alternative source of power. There is plentiful supply, and solar power offers savings on power bills, making it an attractive option that is bound to grow in popularity for every day fuel requirements.Biomass, which is the term for bio energy, creates energy by utilizing both animal and plant matter, and breaking it down through a process to create a fuel source. This source is easy to replenish, and very organic. However, an obvious disadvantage is the handling of the decomposing matter, and the stench that can accompany this. Unfortunately, this one obstacle stops the majority of people from seriously considering the use of biomass as a viable and intelligent supply of alternative energy.Looking at all of these different options for alternative energy sources, you will see advantages and disadvantages with all of them, even with those you may personally favor. The way forward is through persistent instruction and teaching on these subjects, along with staying on the cutting edge of research and developments in finding alternate energy fuels. Continuing with these approaches will help make alternative fuel a reality.

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The field of alternative medicine is getting incredible exposure. People are curious about healing their mind and body without taking modern medicines. With all of the recalls and concerns surrounding these conventional medications it is nice to know you maybe able to heal naturally.When you are looking into alternatives to traditional medicine you should be cautious and do plenty of research on this topic. Alternative medicine should be an option when trying to find a good treatment for your physical ailments and deciding whether it will improve your quality of life.Although alternative medicine is still highly controversial in the medical field they can not deny the benefits that have come from herbal preparations.There have been many proven treatments in alternative medicine today. Alternative medicine covers physical symptoms from pain to depression and can help treat many affectively.The irony is the ones who have proven the usefulness of these remedies are the very same people who have had issues with many other methods and are more skeptical because of it.Since the increase of popularity and recognition you can find these products literally everywhere. Discovering the benefits of alternative medicine can save many from the horrible side effects that conventional medicine has caused to its users. Many people are providing new treatments and “how to’s” when it comes to alternative medicine. The topics you are not normally familiar with you can find enough information to help you devise an appropriate strategy in regards to your treatment.Consulting an alternative medicine doctor for a second opinion on your treatment will give you lots of benefits and a new option to go on. Understanding that there is more out there then conventional medication is the first step to finding appropriate healing to your health concerns.Modern Medicine doctors have a hard time with this concept because they are trained to believe that this method is the only way. With the given proof of the usefulness of natural medicine they can no longer deny it as an alternative treatment.However as with all treatments you should review or study all the information you can on the ingredients of these products. While most have no side effects you experience some allergic reactions to these remedies. Finding food alternatives to help with things like prevention with many illnesses is something worth looking in to.You can learn many things by looking around before making any decisions. Make sure that you can afford to do research before your treatment is needed and talk to your doctor about getting a second opinion if you are not satisfied with his/her decision.Learning alternative prevention medication before you have to treat a chronic illness is wise. There are many things available that will help reduce your risk to things like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Knowing that you can get to it before it even appears will help you keep a positive attitude about your health. Remember that knowledge is power the more you know the better off you will be!

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If you’re having trouble with your alternator and need to replace it, then here’s our useful guide to completing this task! Of course the first step is to find a quality new or used alternator from your local breakers yard or dealer. Remember to be safety conscious throughout and always protect yourself with the correct safety equipment including safety glasses, gloves and shoes.When you are ready and clothed in the correct equipment, open the bonnet of your car and make sure that you can easily locate the alternator.You will need to check the voltage of the battery so you can do this using a digital multi-meter. If you do not have one of these, you could borrow one. Nearly all garages and tradesmen have one of these. If your battery is dead, it would read less than 9 volts which is not enough to start the vehicle.You need to check and confirm that your alternator is causing the problem so the battery will need to be fully charged. If your battery shows less than 9 volts then a new battery would be required before proceeding, otherwise it will not pass a load test.Ensure the engine is switched off and connect the digital multi-meter to the battery terminals to test it. If it reads between 12 and 13 volts, the battery strength is good.Once you have verified that the battery is good, start your engine and then read the digital multi-meter again. This time it should increase to around 13.5 or 14.5 volts.You’ll need an open end wrench for this next step. Using this tool, disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Once this is complete you’ll need to also disconnect the alternators power and ground wires which will be located at the back of the unit. Ensure you remember where each of the wires came from in order to help you when connecting the new one.The next item to disconnect is the wiring to the harness connector. Next, loosen the bracket bolts on the alternator itself, and the adjusting bolts or belt tensioner in order for you to remove the alternator drive belt.In your tool box, find the correct sized socket and ratchet in order for you to remove the alternator mounting bolts, adjusting bolts, spacer and lower pivot bolt (both if necessary), and the alternator itself.Locate your new alternator and put in place.The next steps are a basic reversal of the steps taken to remove the old alternator. Again, you’ll need the correct sized socket and ratchet for the job. Install the new alternator by tightening the mounting bolts, adjusting bolt, spacer and lower pivot bolt (if necessary).Ensure the alternator belt is in place and installed. If you pull the alternator, the belt will tighten. Pull until tight enough.You’ll need to tighten the alternator mounting bolts but to do so ensure that you gently move the new alternator unit itself to ensure you achieve the correct belt tension.Reconnect the wires and power cables and the wiring to the harness connector.To check the tension of the alternator belt, push down in the middle. If the belt should move more than half an inch you will need to tighten it. Ensure the belt is tightened properly before continuing any further.The battery now needs to be reconnected. First connect the negative cable. Whilst starting the engine, check the voltage of the battery using the digital multi-meter. Ensure that the alternator is charging correctly.Turn the engine back off and double check the tension of the belt. If you need to adjust this then do so.That’s it! Complete and double checked! Happy driving!

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Herbal alternative medicine is the newest trend in medical research today. Many societies are using alternative medicine to address the most common health-related issues, and to rid their bodies of toxins and impurities. That is because they are free from the side effects often associated with the synthetic medications on the market today.Choosing to use this method of healing requires you to be as informed as possible to ensure that you are getting the best herbal medicine online. There are many websites that sell herbal alternative medicine but you need to make sure it is from a reputable site as there are many scams to watch out for on the net.1. Speak with a professionalHealth consumers should be careful in regards to what they put in their bodies, especially medicines. Even though the label on the bottle may say that the product is 100 percent free on side effects, you can’t always be sure how your body will react to the ingredients in the medicine.That being the case it is best to consult an expert who is knowledgeable about the herbs you are planning to take. It is also important to see your health-care provider so that you can have a complete physical and to determine the right herbs for your condition to be sure you won’t have any allergic reaction to the herbal alternative medicine. Make sure to have your doctor give you the details on the name of the herbal product, ingredients, and dosage for use.2. Check the Product ManufacturerBuying herbal alternative medicine online demands that you do your research before you buy to ensure that the herbal medicines are 100 percent safe to use. Knowing exactly who is behind a website is not easy to do on line so it would be best to make sure you know what your getting into so you won’t have trouble down the road.Using a search engine can be helpful in gathering information you can use to gather information about the pharmaceutical company that makes the herbal medicine. You can also use the name of the herbal medicine or the company that makes it as a keyword look for reviews from different customers who’ve tried it out. You might also want to check to see if these companies are associated with known government health services and credible medical companies in the market.3. Find Out What’s Inside The BottleChecking the details on the label will help to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction to a specific herbal medicine that may be a part of the herbal formula. Because these products are marketed online they should have a specific page on their website that details all the natural ingredients and other additives. If you truly aren’t sure what to look for then you better discuss this with an expert to decide if it is safe to use or not. Don’t purchase your herbal alternative medicine on the internet without the correct information regarding its ingredients, dosage or usage to keep from compromising your health.4. Check for Customer Testimonials OnlineBefore you decide to buy herbal alternative medicine online it would be wise to look for testimonials from people who have tried the product already before you fork over the cash. You can never be too sure how the herbal medicine will affect your system so its good to be able to read other peoples experience with a particular herbal alternative medicine-that way you can see if the herbs are useful for your health issue. Try to focus on both the good and the bad comments to ensure you get all of the pros and cons before you decide to try the product for yourself.

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If you own a car, you have a fair idea of what starters and alternators are. Suppose your automobile is working fine one day but simply stops responding the next day, what would you make of it? The starter probably has developed a problem, but you think it could also be the alternator.Even if your car is starting and does not have a starter problem, it can shut off if the alternator is not working and charging the batteries while the car runs. The longer you run battery-dependent appliances in the car when the alternator is down, the faster the car wills shut down.The role of starters and alternatorsThese are two distinct components of a car engine. The engine goes from stationary to moving because of the starter. However, it is the alternator that provides the engine with power to keep it moving. Thus, starters and alternators together form an assembly that helps kick-start your automobile into motion. However, though their functions may seem similar, it is not as easy to figure out which one is causing problems, when it comes to an automobile not responding, as discussed above.How to differentiate between starters and alternatorsA bad starter or malfunctioning starters may not let the engine crank and start at all, while poorly performing alternators give themselves away when the engine is cranking, but devices using power, such as lamps or other electricity-driven functions such as a music system or power locks do not work. Another thing to remember is that alternators also charge batteries. Thus if your batteries are not working, it could be an indication of a poorly-performing alternator as well. How does the alternator charge the car battery? It does so by taking the energy of the running engine and converting it into electricity that is then used for recharging the battery as well as for supplying power to devices that need it.In contrast, when an engine is cranked, the starter uses electricity from the battery to engage the gears and eventually start the engine to put it into motion.For this reason, one way to differentiate between trouble caused by starters and alternators is to keep a close watch when you start your engine. If your engine starts with a jump-start (or someone pushing the vehicle to start), the engine is probably running fine. However, if the headlights are unusually dim or devices using electricity are not working, it could be an alternator issue.Heavy duty starters and alternatorsBoth starters and alternators have a shelf life, like other parts of course. However, the thing to remember is that these are typically ‘heavy duty’ pieces of equipment. Typically, if you discover there is mechanical trouble in your car due to starters and alternators, and you are advised to change either of them, you should stress on high quality, heavy duty spares.Keep in mind that starters and alternators, like other engine parts and spare parts are different for automobiles, depending on purpose and utility value. Even if the alternator works on a simple principle of harnessing electromagnetic energy, it needs to be heavy-duty. Ideally, you should source spares from a trusted agency, and one that caters to your brand of automobile. Not only does this ensure better performance, it also means your part is maintained well and lasts longer.

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Everyone knows the history of the Alternative Minimum Tax – its intended purpose was to ensure that the wealthy were paying at least something like what today is called their “fair share” of taxes. But as everyone also knows, its real impact has landed on the masses who are far from finding themselves in this wealthy category. How the AMT has failed in its purpose is easily seen by looking at the income tax return of someone who really can be considered “rich.”Presidential campaign seasonOnce again (how does it come around so often?) we find ourselves in the throes of a Presidential campaign. Along with the many unpleasantries being exchanged by candidates is the challenge to release personal income tax returns. After much prodding, one candidate recently, but reluctantly, released his Form 1040, and this tax return shows that he in fact definitely is in the wealthy, even “super wealthy,” category.Do the wealthy pay the AMT?The positive news is that the answer to this question is “yes.” However, the not-so-good news is seeing the actual amount of Alternative Minimum Tax that this individual in fact is paying. In the two tax years that this presidential candidate has paid the AMT, the additional tax burden that resulted was barely over one percent of his income. Specifically, without the AMT his total Federal tax rate was 13.3% in 2010, and 14.3% in 2011. The AMT added 1.1% each year, for a whopping tax rate of 14.4% and 15.4%, respectively. And this is on over $20 million of income in each of the two years!What are the Alternative Minimum Tax triggers at this level of income?The items that are high on the list of every single AMT payer are the same ones that also hit the wealthy. These are both on the income side as well as on the deduction side, and they principally revolve around capital gains and itemized deductions, and for the itemized deductions in particular the deductions for state income taxes as well as for property taxes.Capital gainsWithout even looking at this individual’s tax return, as one quickly can conclude from the tax rates shown above, most of this individual’s income comes from long-term capital gains which are eligible to be taxed at the low 15% rate instead of ordinary income rates of 35%. These large capital gains cause two Alternative Minimum Tax problems – the obvious one is the loss of the AMT exemption because of the high level of taxable income. But the other is the effect of having to pay state income taxes on these capital gains as well as high property tax payments.State income taxesMost, if not all, states tax capital gains at the same rate as ordinary income. Thus, a large capital gain will carry with it the same state income tax burden as would the same amount of ordinary income. The larger an individual’s state income tax of course the greater his chances of being caught in the Alternative Minimum Tax. This same basic problem exists for the wealthy as it does for every other AMT payer.Property taxesAlong with wealth comes the need to own homes – usually large ones and usually more than one. Accompanying this ownership privilege is the requirement to pay significant amounts of property taxes – surprisingly the wealthy get no break on their property taxes. Just like state income taxes, property taxes are one of the most common items for individuals who are stuck in the Alternative Minimum Tax.What could this individual do to reduce his Alternative Minimum Tax?There are no secrets here – the same actions that every AMT payer can take would help a wealthy individual reduce his Alternative Minimum Tax. For example, one is watching the timing of payment of state income taxes and property taxes at year-end. If a taxpayer is in the AMT one year but not the next, whether the individual is wealthy or not wealthy, trying to get the state tax deductions paid in the year he is not in the Alternative Minimum Tax will make a big difference. Also, if an individual has multiple homes, the opportunity to change his domicile to a state that doesn’t have income taxes – like Florida, for example – would save significant state income taxes and correspondingly reduce the individual’s AMT burden. The same Alternative Minimum Tax planning concepts apply to everybody!

Is Alternative Medicine a Good Approach to Your Health Problems? – Alternative

Alternative medicine, like the word implies is a form of medicine that is different from the popularly known one. It is an alternative to what is practised by the scientific form of medicine. It is more like an art rather than a science. Yet in many populations around the world, it is known to have existed for over 5000 years.It is the form of medicine that our great-great-grand-parents relied on before scientific medicine came to be. Scientific medicine seems to have kicked the older form of medicine out of the way. But for the past decade, it seems people have been relying more and more on alternative medicine to deal with their ailment. Some articles are actually talking about a rise in that form of medicine.There are many forms of alternative medicine: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, Music Therapy, Naturopathic, Reflexology, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga.Each of them may work based on a different philosophy. Most of those philosophies do not yet have any scientific evidence. It seems to work very well with some patients. In other cases it doesn’t seem to have any effect. One popular case is the one of the famous Steve Jobs. After being diagnosed with cancer, he decided to rely on alternative medicine to heal even though his doctors suggested he rather go through a surgical operation.After 9 months of relying of alternative therapy the cancer got worse and spread through other organs. He ended up taking the surgery but the doctors had to removed certain organs that got infected because the cancer spread to them. Some critics are actually using this fact to support the idea that, if Steve Jobs had taken the surgery earlier on, he could have lived a bit longer.Yet the number of patients that rely on alternative medicine seems to increase each year, why is that? The fact is there are some diseases that have not yet found any remedy for, in scientific medicine and seem to have found a solution for, in alternative medicine.Lower back pains is known to be solved with chiropractic doctors. A lot of women with childbirth problems claim they were able to get pregnant with the help of a doctor in acupuncture. Early studies in aromatherapy and essential oils seems to suggest that it accelerates the healing process of the body. It is known that those who practice yoga or tai chi tend to get sick much less often compared to those who do not practice those things.Is alternative medicine better than scientific medicine?Alternative medicine is much based on finding the root cause of the problem the patient is going through than just trying to remove it. Scientific medicine is much more based on finding the symptoms causing the illness then prescribing the required drugs or surgery to solve the problem.Both approach are neither good nor bad. As a rule of thumb, the unconventional medicine can be used to maintain general health but when it comes to serious cases it is always advisable to contact a conventional doctor. A new form of medicine been born called integrative medicine tends to combine the two, making the best out of the two school of thought.Research is still ongoing as to how the different forms of alternative medical approach work. The future will give us a better idea of what is really going on with alternative medicine.